This assessment helps you identify your values. The values you hold drive the priorities you set in your life. Typically, relatively few key values characterize how we select and organize information, how we make choices and decisions, and how we act. This set of top values and their order of importance tend to be unique for each person. We are not always conscious of what values we hold. Having a full awareness and understanding of your unique set of highest-priority values will enhance the quality of how you live your life.

How The Values Perspective Survey Works

The assessment will ask you to choose between values. We ask you to respond to the choices as genuinely as you can. The survey requires about 45 minutes for most people to complete, some people take longer. The time you require does not affect your results.

When you have completed the survey, the Values Perspective Report will provide you with insights into how your life actually works, and where to put your attention and energy for effective development for yourself, your group, or your entire organization.

There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. The Values Perspective survey and report do not make judgments concerning the values you select, nor do they suggest what your beliefs should be. Your responses and your results are confidential and will not be given to anyone except you.

For more information on values, visit the Kairios website.

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